“How Do I Get Started Reading Comics?”

Hey Everyone-

Conflicted on a topic to write about, I took to my Twitter to ask for a good topic to write about and I got this:

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Will There Be More Racial Diversity Shown Within Marvel Comics?

For the past few weeks, Marvel has been making headlines among the comic book community with the news of Ava DuVernay being hired to direct the upcoming Black Panther film.  When I heard the news of Ava possibly directing the upcoming Black Panther film, I was through the roof; not because she’s a black film director but because she is a very talented film director as seen in the film ‘Selma’ starring Oprah.

But as thrilled as I am that Marvel is reaching out to black women in Hollywood, I’m not so thrilled of the backlash the news has been receiving, or the lack of racial diversity shown within the  Marvel Comic Universe. I don’t feel there are enough racially diverse characters with Marvel Comics that aren’t shown within a stupid racial stereotype the media often shows every day of our lives. Continue reading