Fighting Game LOG #1: Skullgirls


Hey everyone –

Two weeks ago, I made the introduction to my Fighting Game [V]Log Series.  I’m very happy with the positive feedback from it and I’d like to thank everyone who took the time out to watch the video and comment on it (or give me feedback on Twitter). I wasn’t sure whether I should make the first episode a blog entry or a video, so I took to Twitter to poll the answer.

While awaiting the poll results, my editing software (which happens to be Blender, the same software I use to make 3d models such as this one here) chose to have an off day and crash every fifteen minutes, so I figured I’d rather blog this first entry and fix up the video later on in the week.

I’m happy to finally have the first part of this series done for you all to read so:

Let’s kick off Fighting Game Log #1 with Skullgirls

I became interested in Lab Zero’s creation, Skullgirls, after watching a live stream of the Skullgirls 2nd Encore Top 16 Tournament – Combo Breaker 2016 (Day 2).


My initial thoughts were, the gameplay was similar to Marvel vs. Capcom games. but with a bit of humor.  The characters moves from this game are loosely based off of other characters in video games similar to itself (like Ms. Fortune’s level 1 Blockbuster Cat Scratch Fever being based on Wolverine’s Berserker Barrage from X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom games).


Purchasing the game for PC (in my opinion) was well worth it.  If nothing else about the game helped or motivated me, the training mode and tutorials did.   Although this helped, it didn’t save me from getting dragged by the cheaters, button mashers, and cheesers that awaited me during lobby play.

I suffered many loses online and in lobby play quite a bit.  After letting my fellow Twitter gamers know I was playing the game, I was pointed in the direction of the Skullheart Forums (or as I like to call it, a safe haven for dedicated Skullgirls gamers).

The Skullheart community’s very inviting and are always willing to help out anyone who want to to be better at the game.  That makes this experience much better, especially since I’m a  newbie in need of extensive training.

[In my opinion], it seems like the combos in this fighter are way harder to execute than those of titles it’s based off of.  Every time I get caught in a repetitive combo in Skullgirls,  I get flashbacks of the same actions happening in Marvel vs. Capcom games.

After playing with every character at least once, I have yet to find the perfect pair (or group).  The main two I’ve used so far, are Parasoul and Filia (with Big Band coming in a close second).  Learning Filia and Parasoul’s combos haven’t been a walk in the park either, since I drop combos constantly (even after completing the training tutorials over and over).

The combo I’m most familiar with Filia is:


The combo I’m most familiar with Parasoul is:


There isn’t a lot for me to say on defense in Skullgirls.  …I need plenty of practice overall.

Hopefully within the next year, I’ll become much better at combos and defense (and get over my fear of repetitive combos) enough for me to compete (or commentate) one Skullgirls competition.  Until then, I’m back to square one.

Within the Skullgirls Fighting Game Community, there are some players whose skills drew me to play this game.

One in particular is DaPurpleSharpie: a Skullgirls Eliza player whose combos are executed so smoothly and flawlessly, she has her opponents questioning their tactics after they lose.  I don’t know her personally, but based off of her YouTube videos and streams, her attitude reminds me of mine during my Tekken 3 days, ‘Underestimate me if you want to, but you’re going to take this loss.’

A perfect example of this is her win against KPB-Broken Loose at Combo Breaker 2016 – Skullgirls Saturday Night Salt, only playing solo Eliza against a three character group.



Have any of you heard of Skullgirls? If so, have you played the game? If you played it, what was your experience like? Let me know in the comments below, along with your favorite team and combos. 



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