Her name is… Inspiration.


There’s someone I need to tell you about.  She gives me the drive to make my imagination go wild! I love how I can get creative, fulfill my artistic passions and think outside of the box to wow myself (and others) with her help.  There’s never a dull moment when I have her right there with me as I create….

I tend to think about her all the time; I even dream about her.  From fashion, to color, to the various things I see… she’s there. She’s so prominent that there is a sudden impulse to pick up my sketchbook and draw.  At times I don’t know what I’m drawing, but I have to draw something.

I see her when I look in magazines of any kind, whether colorful, dramatic or bold, the image drives me back to my sketchbook to get it down on paper… and she is there to help me every step of the way.

When I go shopping for that perfect outfit or that pretty eye shadow palette.  There are times she’s so prominent, I can’t make a final decision, so I’ll end up buying both (or all) of the items I picked up.

When I’m getting ready for my day, trying to decide on what to wear… I’ll have an hour session playing dress up (instead of becoming overly frustrated on what to wear). After that, I’ll sit by my desk and sketch out the outfit I chose.  With her there, nothing distracts me from me from making sure I get my ideas onto the paper in front of me.

Video editing isn’t an easy task, but when she’s there influencing my creativity, the task isn’t as daunting as it may have once seemed.  With her by my side, I’m able to create something beautiful and entertaining within a few hours.

No matter what it is that I have done (or want to do) creatively, she’s there to help me.  Without her, I have no creativity so I’m very thankful for her to be in my life.  Who is she, you may ask? Well, allow me to introduce her to you….

Her name is… inspiration. 

Inspiration Ahead

I hope you liked this post!  I decided to take a different approach on inspiring (as well as motivating) myself and everyone else this morning.  Hopefully it will help inspire you to do something creative!


P.S.: All of the images used in this post were found on Google.  I don’t who drew or took them, but if you do drop their names in the comments below so I can give them credit.  Thanks!


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