Fighting Game LOG: Intro

Hey everyone!

I just uploaded my first ever video on YouTube!! It’s a short, yet quick intro to my fighting game vlog series, where I take on the challenge of getting back into playing fighting games and getting over my fear of ‘sucking’ at them.  Throughout this series, I’ll show my progress and game play in these three games: Skullgirls, The Last Blade and Brawlhalla.

If many like the intro, I’ll continue with the first vlog to the series featuring the game Skullgirls (which will be uploaded to YouTube next Monday).  I hope you like it and I hope you enjoy this vlog series (and my journey) as I get back into playing fighting games.

For those that would like to read it in blog form I’ll post it below (along with the video right below it):

Here’s a little background before we get into things… Growing up, I didn’t own many fighting games mainly because I wasn’t good at them.  The two I dominated [the competition] in were Tekken 3 and Dead or Alive (DOA) 3.

I never was able to grasp the fighting game mechanics in Street Fighter games, I had a very hard time with the fatalities and combs in Mortal Kombat games and I became disgusted with the repetitive combo system in X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom games.

Those were just a few of the fighting games that I played, there were plenty more and I was pretty bad at them.  All of this caused me to give up on fighting games for a while.  So, after years of not playing them, I’m ready to get back into the fighting game realm.

I this vlog series, I explore these three games: Skullgirls, The Last Blade, and Brawlhalla, while showing my progress and game play for each one.

In the meantime, let me know in the comments below: what platform do you play on? (I play on PC, but growing up I was a PlayStation and PlayStation 2 gamer.) Also, do you play fighting games? If so, what are your favorite fighting games to play?





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