Tekken 7 New Release Date & Rage and Sorrow Story Trailer Release/Heihachi Analysis

Hey Everyone –

After learning about Tekken 7’s new release date being pushed back to June 2 of this year, I was anxious to watch the newly released Rage & Sorrow trailer for the game.  Needless to say, after watching it I’m anxiously awaiting the games release.  Before proceeding, I will warn you there are spoilers of previous Tekken story lines (for those that haven’t played the previously released games).  

When you are ready, please watch the trailer below:

Besides, the top notch graphics and CGI, as well as some of my favorite Tekken originals being in this game, I’m mainly interested in one aspect of this story line: Heihachi’s thought process.

Heihachi killed Kazuya and Jin in almost all of their Tekken endings.  I’m pretty sure the devil gene wasn’t the main reason for that (or the hatred he has for his son and grandson). I won’t fully get into every little detail about Heihachi’s family in this post, but the main thing I wondered from the trailer is:

Why is Kazuya speaking up about his mother being killed by his father [Heihachi] after never saying a word about her in the past six (main) games of the series?

I would’ve thought the perfect time to bring her up would’ve been in the first Tekken game, along with Kazuya seeking revenge for Heihachi throwing him off of a cliff. What would possess Heihachi to kill the woman he loved? …also, did that lead to the sparring match that both he and Kazuya had (in the flashback) before Kazuya was tossed off the cliff?

I’m really excited for this game and I’ll definitely be checking for updates as they are reported.  Until then, I’ll ask:

What are your thoughts on the newly released Tekken 7 story trailer? Is there a specific point in the story that you want to know about, or the whole thing?

I’d love to know what you think about Tekken’s storyline.




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