Updates and Changes For 2017


Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a great New Year!  I had a pretty good one knowing that I’ve got some changes and updates coming to the blog that are both exciting and interesting! I feel 2017 will be the year I challenge myself in gaming and make my writing and gaming knowledge shine.  The top five major changes of the blog for this year are:

  1. I’m mentally and physically training myself to become better at fighting games: starting with Skullgirls.

I started playing the fighting game Skullgirls last month, and I thought it was one of the most fun games I’ve ever played.  Then I saw a Skullgirls Combo Breaker Tournament from 2016 and thought, ‘I need to learn how to execute combos just as good, if not better than the competitors at these tournaments.’

So, I’m making it a goal of mine to become good at this game and show my progress each week by live streaming the fighting game every Wednesday (at either 11am or 10pm, sometimes both times) on Twitch(Highlights from the Twitch stream will go up on YouTube the following day).

Who knows, I may get invited to a future tournament or become a guest commentator for future tournaments.

    2.   I will provide hints, tips and tricks to help out with select niche games on the blog from now on.

I know there are certain games that leave some of us wondering where to go or what to do, so for some of these games I will write a blog entry providing hints, tips and tricks that will help with the completion of the game.

If you need a hint, tip or trick on any fighting or RPG games, feel free to either list it in the comments below or @ me on Twitter with the hashtag #askneish.

    3.  There will be reviews and/or gaming essays written for select games starting this month. 

I made the decision to start using my YouTube channel to my advantage last month, and start making feature videos of footage of me playing games to support reviews and playthroughs that are featured in the blog entries.  Playthroughs will be linked to the bottom of a review or gaming essay.

I have a feeling 2017 will be a good year for the gaming community and I hope that I can have a good year along with it, and share my experience, growth and knowledge with you all.  Thanks for reading and hope you have a great new year:



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