#AskNeish Q&A #4


Hey Everyone –

Since I’ve been getting many more anonymous questions, I’m going to start doing #askneish posts more frequently.  Here are two anonymous questions that I received via Twitter


I am a nerdy girl who is going through some trouble with my environment.  …let me explain: I just started my senior year in high school and people are being complete jerks to me.  My old friends think I’m way too geeky, they have been talking behind my back and they have even befriended people that don’t like me.  Everything I said gets laughed at or booed whether it be a class assignment or a typical comment in the school cafeteria.  I wanted to know, how can I get through this year without breaking down or getting suspended for fighting?”

Stay true to yourself and watch who you befriend.  Your high school career should be not only a good experience, but a learning experience as well.  Make sure you pick and choose your battles (arguments) wisely as well as your friends.  You don’t have to respond to every negative comment someone makes, nor do you have to address any rumors people may be starting about you.  When presenting a class assignment, make sure you demand attention in class, even if it means asking your teacher [politely] to make sure there is silence when you are speaking.  Sometimes it can get overwhelming and you’ll want to lash out, but make sure you reach out to your support system to help with talking things out.  Your hobbies will help you out too, since they help to keep your mind off of the drama.  Oh, and journals help wonders in these situations as well, just make sure they are kept personal!

 “Hey Taneisha –

What game from the throwback PlayStation did you enjoy, but the critics didn’t? I have so many that I enjoyed but the critics hated and they didn’t get much love.”


I enjoyed the game 2Xtreme.  It was one of the first sports games I got for the official PlayStation and [from what I remember] I read the mixed reviews it got from several different magazines (including the Official and Unofficial PlayStation Magazines).  Despite the mixed reviews, I enjoyed the smooth gameplay, sound effects and game soundtrack.

To catch up on the previous #askneish posts: [x], [x], [x]. To submit a question, be sure to hit me up on Twitter with the hashtag: #askneish. 

Thanks for reading –



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