#AskNeish Q&A #3

A/N: Before I introduce this post, I’d just like to say thank you to everyone that took the time out to read my blog, share it on social media (so far) and write to me on social media.  I really appreciate it!

Hey everyone-

I decided to do another #AskNeish post, since it was long overdue.  I made the hashtag (on Twitter) to answer any questions anyone has on gaming, comics and overall in the nerd and geek culture that they want me to answer.  Here are a few more for you to see my answers to and for you to answer as well. 

Super Dangerous Dungeons on Newgrounds.

My gaming preference is platform games, mainly because of the simplicity, retro feel and my love of learning to code them.  This hasn’t always been my preference, but since I am a Newgrounds fan (and most of the games there are platformers), and learning to code them, I grew more more of liking to platformers than other games.

DashieGames YouTube Channel playing Batman: Arkham VR on the PlayStation VR

That’s a good question.  Although there’s a lot of hype around VR, I’m not sure it will be the standard way of gaming, especially when retro gaming is still going strong.  If it does become a standard way of gaming, it won’t be for a long while (in my opinion).


These next question is from anonymous:

I had a hard time dealing with being a nerd in high school. I was called crazy, different, weird and a bunch of other things by my peers. I wanted to shake this image I still want to because its so common now. Ever have the same feeling…?

I can definitely relate to your high school experience.  I was also called all of those things you mentioned.  I tried to not bring attention to myself, but the things I liked most people outside of the nerd community didn’t.  I tried to shake the image, but I couldn’t because that’s just who I was.  If that’s who you are, own it and be proud of it because it isn’t a phase.

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