Blog Mission

Hey everyone –

When I first started this blog, all I wanted to write about was being a comic book and gaming geek.  A short time before that, my writers block slowly started to subside as I gradually gained inspiration from Twitter (after joining in September of 2014), and I began to write for Afropunk and We The Nerdy before thinking about starting my own blog.

After starting this blog, I noticed that my creativity has come out a bit more.  I’m open to exploring anything and everything creative, while enjoying what inspires me. [On the blog] I tend to write about topics incorporated into my everyday life.  I know I don’t update every day, but I feel that if I did write a blog every day (as oppose to when I’m inspired), I won’t give you a good quality blog post.  Instead I’d feel obligated to just posting random news and updates, which can get really boring very quickly.  My blog mission is to inspire people (creatively) as well as to become (creatively) inspired by the people who read my blog.  No matter what the topic is, I hope some conversation can come out of it either in the comments section of the blog or on my Twitter page, that anyone that drops by can learn from no matter the topic.  I hope this blog post was enough to convince you to either stick around and read my older blog posts or come back for the next blog post.

Either way, thank you for taking time out to read my blog.



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