Vintage Beauty Finds I Wish I Had…

Nina Simone backstage at Carnegie Hall, NYC, 1965

A/N: This post is for the ladies and the lady boys who love the classics and love beauty…

While browsing Vintage Vandalizm‘s tumblr, I came across a post with several images of black burlesque dancers linked to  Vintage Gal‘s tumblr page. After exploring Vintage Gal’s tumblr even further, I was blown away by the vintage photos that were posted on the tumblr blog.  I love looking at vintage photos/images; they inspire me and help my creativity.  (I’ll be sure to start showing my creativity again soon, I promise!)After browsing the blog for a bit, I found some images of vintage beauty makeup finds that I couldn’t help but share with you (and that I wish I had):


Lipstick Chess photographed by Chaloner Woods, 1955

Antique Gun-shaped compact Beauty Box



Art Deco Vanity Set with Fitted Case c. 1920s (via)

Elvis Presley Lipstick with engraved autograph on the side of the case, c. 1956

There are plenty more vintage beauty finds on Vintage Gal’s tumblr, but I thought I’d show you the images of the beauty finds I wish I owned! Let me know whether I should do more beauty posts either in the comments below, or on my Twitter.








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