Embracing Your True Beauty ft. Alicia Keys

Hey Everyone –

Alicia Keys recently wrote an essay for Lenny, an online lifestyle publication, on why she is embracing wearing #nomakeup called, Alicia Keys: Time to Uncover.

I wrote some of my thoughts on this via my Twitter page because I related to it:


Being makeup free isn’t anything new, but embracing it in this day and age where makeup is essential for most people is something that is very humbling.  As I stated in the tweets above, I am makeup free 100% of the time.  I know how to apply makeup, but I usually don’t put on makeup because I feel comfortable without it.

I can relate to Ms. Keys on having maintaining a positive image about myself and pleasing myself instead everybody else.  I’ll admit, growing up I wasn’t very confident in the skin I was in because had a lot of acne and was often teased about it.  I would consistently ask my mother to let me to wear makeup and she would often say, “No.  You don’t need that stuff.” When I did learn to apply it (at 18), I thought of it as a way to cover up my imperfections and had more self confidence than usual whenever I did wear it and it got me a lot attention I thought was ‘positive’ and I thought I needed.  I didn’t wear a lot of it, ( just foundation, lipstick and mascara) and I learned to apply all the makeup products sold on my own.

I used to think that people only wanted to see a woman with straight hair, a flawless made up face and a nice body with clothes that showed off their figure or were tight.  When I realized this image I perceived was actually covering up who I was as a person, and I was trying to be the vision of perfect that I’d seen in the media, I made a vow to show the true me and learn to embrace it: no makeup, natural haired tomboyish me.  (I’ve tweeted about my tomboy fashion before).  Also at this time I’d had it with relaxers frying my hair, so I chose to let my hair return to its natural state, cutting my hair into a low fade and letting it grow out into a full blown afro.

I remember walking out of the barber shop after receiving my haircut thinking I would look like a total boy because I was wearing a low fade and no makeup.  That wasn’t the case once I looked in the mirror when I got home.  My mom smiled and said, “You look different…  Beautiful and bare faced.”  From that day forward (four years ago), I couldn’t wait to see what this change would bring.

In no way am I saying wearing makeup is a bad thing; but I think it’s a good idea to embrace our natural selves and not wear any makeup when we can.  It helps our skin breathe and we learn to embrace our insecurities, which I think is a beautiful thing.  The vision of beauty we see on television isn’t always real, so we do have to remember that the skin we are born with is the skin that we should learn to love, cherish and nurture.

Be your beautiful, bare face self,


P.S.: If you want more inspiration and positive vibes, check out Alicia Keys’ Twitter and Instagram.


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