#AskNeish answers to Q&A #2

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the slight intermission.  I took a slight “Internet Break” to ease my mind and improve my art.  During that time, I’ve gotten quite a few #askneish questions in my private messages (because some people wanted to remain anonymous). Before you read this set of questions, be sure to check out the first batch here before reading:

Anon asks:

Why is it that (most) men are able to beat women at video games? …and why is it that they have to brag about it constantly, like dicks?

I tweeted about this on Twitter a while back:


I think men are naturals at playing video games, since they are naturally appealing to them.  That’s not to say that women aren’t naturals at gaming either, though.  With that being said, [some] men’s egos are so high, they say and do disrespectful stuff when playing video games. I’ve gamed with men like that and it obviously wasn’t a great experience.   Being able to play a game better than someone else doesn’t give them a right to be an asshole, and vice versa.


Anon asks:

Cosplaying used to be such a fun thing, until women were bashed for the sexily clad cosplays they would wear.  Why is it such a problem for women to cosplay as what they want?

[This isn’t a gaming question, but I decided to answer it anyway].  In my opinion, the reason for this is strictly society and ignorance.  A woman should feel free to cosplay as whatever she wants; there should be no reason for anyone to bash her and make her feel bad about it.  Society will make her feel as though she wants attention, but honestly her cosplay may be of a scantily clad character, not just something she made to be scantily clad.

RiRiSmi Official as Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire


Cosplaying is meant to be creative and fun; not a judgement zone for jealous people and society to bash women by any means.  Whether cosplaying or not, many women are ridiculed for what they wear and it’s ridiculous.  As long as you aren’t breaking any laws or hurting anyone, do what makes you happy.


Anon asks:

What was/is the fighting game series you are known for being good at?

Tekken.  Although I was introduced to the series the second game in, I made it my business to learn the storyline (though the storyline doesn’t always make sense (if at all), and each characters moves.  As soon as I learned Ms. Nina Williams’ moves, I was pretty hard to beat in the Tekken series.

Tekken 7 gameplay photo credit gameplaymotion.com

I made sure I got plenty of practice in, playing Tekken on the PS and PS2 and in the arcades (when they existed).  I haven’t played Tekken lately, but I need to get back to it.  I’ll either post a gameplay on YouTube or stream it.

Thanks for reading!

…and if you have any gaming questions, be sure to ask me on Twitter via the #askneish hashtag.



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