5 Female Gamer Commandments


Photo from Jezebel.com’s article on MTV’s True Life: I’m Addicted To Gaming


A/N: this is a gender biased post.  I’m not bashing men, but I am empowering female gamers.  No flaming or trolls, please.

I remember back in grade school, when I was judged and teased for playing video games.  I don’t know what it was about being a girl who played video games, but for most it wasn’t the ‘norm’.  Let’s jump to the present: although there have been studies that show that women game more than men nowadays, some still take it upon themselves to judge the women that do play video games.

I took it upon myself to list five commandments for all women that play video games.  I’m sure most women feel the same way I do, whether they voice their opinions (or not).  Although I know there will be disagreements with this piece, I hope (mostly) everyone is on the same page.

Thou shalt not judge my gaming skills based on appearance.

Whether I am gaming in the comfort of my own home, or streaming online, do not judge my gaming skills based on my appearance.  My skills aren’t determined by what I’m wearing; they are determined by how much practice I’ve put in to be good at that particular game.

Thou shalt not put me on a pedestal because I am a woman.

Yes, I’m a woman that’s good at one (or more) genre(s) of video games.  Please don’t put me above you or anyone else because of that.

Thou shalt not disrespect me based on how good (or bad) I am

Just because you chose to play a game with me doesn’t give you the right to disrespect me in any way, shape or form, whether you win or lose.  I shouldn’t have to hear any negative gender stereotypes because it makes you feel better whether I beat your high score, or miserably lose

Thou shalt not compare me to other women gamers

Just because I’m playing the same game as another online gamer  or do similar things, doesn’t mean you  should compare me to her.  We are all different with one common interest: gamer.

Thou shalt not call me a ‘Girl Gamer’

I know my gender and I know what I do.  That doesn’t mean you have to label me accordingly.  If you want to label me, label me a gamer.







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