Gems of the Week

A/N: This week forward, I’ll be posting a post on some tech, gaming and/or comic gems that were announced or that I found online or via social media during the week. 

This week I came across a gaming and a tech find that I happened to read about via two of my favorite technology sites: Engadget and TechCrunch.    The first piece will bring you quite a bit of nostalgia, while the other piece will have you quite amazed by how much is packed into such a small package…


Atari Vault Collection Brings 100 Classic Games To Stream [via Engadget]

When most of us gamers hear Atari, we instantly think throwback.  It’s been a long while since we’ve heard from the company (or the system), until now.  According to Engadget“Soon, players will be able to relive its glory days from the 1970s and 80s through the Atari Vault, a collection of 100 retro games available via Steam.  It’s being developed by Code Mystics and will feature titles such as Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command, Tempest and Warlords. They won’t be simple ports though, thanks to the addition of online and local multiplayer, Steam controller support and Steam leaderboards.”  The classic Atari games will be available to play on Steam sometime this Spring.

This bit of news excites me just as much as the throwback Atari Flashback 6 and Sega Genesis consoles being available to purchase at Toys R’ Us and Target after decades of being pulled off shelves.  There’s nothing better than to learn [or re-live] gaming history for an avid gamer.



$15 Computer Raises Over $1 Million on Kickstarter [via TechCrunch]

This $15 computer (shown in the screenshot above), “…has so far raised over $1.4 million in its Kickstarter campaign” TechCrunch says.  The retail price for this computer is one hell of a deal, considering what you getting.  For such a surprisingly cheap price, you get: a 1.2GHz board, 512MB SDRAM, 10/100Mbps Ethernet Port, 3.5 MM Audio/Mic Output, 4K HDMI and 2 USB Ports.

Lucas Matney, writer for TechCrunch, had the chance to interview Pine64’s co-founder Johnson Jeng, to find out just how much this computer can do.  You can watch the interview below.



Until we tech again,




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