My Top 5 Anticipated PC Game Releases For 2016


2015 was a big year for gaming: from the huge remake announcements to the releases that sent Twitch’s servers into overdrive with live gameplay and walkthroughs.  Although I didn’t get to play all of the gems from 2015, I’ll make sure 2016 is the year I’ll play all my anticipated game releases and then some!  

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Set to be released March of this year, The Division takes place in NY where a crisis has struck causing chaos including the collapse of the US Government, food and water to become scarce and basic/emergency services fail.  Although I didn’t like other Tom Clancy games in the past, after watching the trailer for The Division I was instantly sucked in. There’s so much to do in The Division as you explore New York City in this open world shooter, which is a reason why this tops the list.  I grew a liking to shooters last year, so I look forward to playing this and some of the other shooters on this list, hopefully gaining better accuracy with each shot.


Homefront: The Revolution

Set to be released on May 17th, Homefront: The Revolution follows the story of Ethan, a member of the ‘New Resistance’, a movement staged against the army of a Korean invasions in the city of Philadelphia two years after the events of the last Homefront game.  The shooters first installment had gameplay similar to Medal of Honor, but the gameplay was too short for my liking.  Hopefully this time around the gameplay will be longer with more to explore.


Dark Souls 3

Set to be released on April 12,  the third installment of Dark Souls is one that I am anxiously awaiting.  The first two were truly satisfying with each challenge harder than the next.  In the past, I briefly wrote about my experience playing Dark Souls 1 and 2 in an Afropunk article.   I’m not sure of DS3’s plot as of yet, but I do know I will be on the lookout for updates on the plot as well as the gameplay via YouTube and Twitter.


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Set to be released in March 2016,  ME: Catalyst brings back the protagonist from the first installment Faith as she explores an open world.  I’m not sure of the plot yet, but I’m pretty sure she’s using her parkour moves to kick ass and get her out of danger.  What makes me excited about this one is that it’s an open world to explore this time around; which means Faith isn’t restricted to just completing a mission in a designated space.




Set to be released on February 9th, this action-adventure’s setting is in Wyoming, a year after the Yellowstone fires of 1988. You play as Henry, a volunteer fire lookout who is assigned his own tower.  While out on a routine patrol his tower gets ransacked and throughout the game he must uncover clues about mysterious occurrences related to the ransacking of his tower. The gameplay for the game is similar to Life is Strange and The Walking Dead where every decision and all dialogue will help determine the outcome of the player, which is one of reasons why this game is part of this list.


A/N: There isn’t much information on these games as of yet, but news updates to these games will be made in the next few months. 

Although I grew a liking to shooters in 2015 I’ve always been a fighting game fan, but playing fighting games on the PC defeats the purpose of liking the game. I wasn’t able to enjoy Street Fighter IV and Mortal Kombat X due to both games being lagging during gameplay so I’m sorry to say, Street Fighter V won’t be on this list.

There will be more games I’ll be playing in 2016, so be sure to be on the lookout for a blog post(s) on those as well.



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