Tekken 7 is for the ladies, gentleman…

I came up with this awesome plan to give lady gamers a chance to shine:


I noticed that as Tekken 7’s release nears, there’s much talk about the game.  What’s even better, is much of the talk is from ladies who aren’t afraid to show their skills, snatch a few wigs and take a few loses in the process.  As a Tekken player, I’m heavily inspired by this and I want to show the Interwebs (and the world) that we ladies are here to kick ass and take names!


So, I came up with a Tekken 7: Ladies Retribution (or Fight Night), an event that will happen once a week and will be in conjunction with Fight Club. (The name is subject to change)  This will be an open lobby night streamed live on my Twitch page, where ladies will battle opposing PS4 crews to reign supreme.  It’s all fun for ladies to shine and a fun way to make a name for ourselves all while showing who’s boss.

During this contest: the match ups are 3 out of 5 rounds, consisting of an undefeated champion that will hold the crown until he or she is beaten.  If there are crews competing (all crews will be on the PS4), each member of a crew will go up against a member of the opposing crew for three whole rounds.  The last match-up is the top gamer for each crew; Same rules apply as single player.   If anyone wants to join in during for singles, then they will be included.  Once the champion is reached, no one can join in.

There’s quite a bit of time before this event will begin, but I promise it’ll be one worth the wait.  If you are a lady gamer who plays (or will play) Tekken 7 and you are interested in coming to the party or being part of the PS4 Party chat to play one on one, write below or contact me on Twitter.



#AskNeish Q&A #5

Hey everyone –

Since I haven’t done an #AskNeish Q&A post in a while, I decided to make this blog post an #AskNeish… well that was until I made a Twitter poll to see whether majority wanted a podcast or a blog post.

This #AskNeish podcast (released this Wednesday) was done in one take, so there was no editing involved at all.


I was extremely nervous when recording this, since I’ve never done a podcast before .  But, after doing it, it wasn’t so bad, so I may continue doing #AskNeish as a podcast.

Let me know if you like #AskNeish in podcast format and I’ll continue it that way.  In the meantime, you can catch up on the previous #askneish posts here: [x], [x], [x], [x]. To submit a question, be sure to hit me up on Twitter with the hashtag: #askneish.


Fighting Game LOG #1: Skullgirls


Hey everyone –

Two weeks ago, I made the introduction to my Fighting Game [V]Log Series.  I’m very happy with the positive feedback from it and I’d like to thank everyone who took the time out to watch the video and comment on it (or give me feedback on Twitter). I wasn’t sure whether I should make the first episode a blog entry or a video, so I took to Twitter to poll the answer.

While awaiting the poll results, my editing software (which happens to be Blender, the same software I use to make 3d models such as this one here) chose to have an off day and crash every fifteen minutes, so I figured I’d rather blog this first entry and fix up the video later on in the week.

I’m happy to finally have the first part of this series done for you all to read so:

Let’s kick off Fighting Game Log #1 with Skullgirls

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Her name is… Inspiration.


There’s someone I need to tell you about.  She gives me the drive to make my imagination go wild! I love how I can get creative, fulfill my artistic passions and think outside of the box to wow myself (and others) with her help.  There’s never a dull moment when I have her right there with me as I create….

I tend to think about her all the time; I even dream about her.  From fashion, to color, to the various things I see… she’s there. She’s so prominent that there is a sudden impulse to pick up my sketchbook and draw.  At times I don’t know what I’m drawing, but I have to draw something. Continue reading

Fighting Game LOG: Intro

Hey everyone!

I just uploaded my first ever video on YouTube!! It’s a short, yet quick intro to my fighting game vlog series, where I take on the challenge of getting back into playing fighting games and getting over my fear of ‘sucking’ at them.  Throughout this series, I’ll show my progress and game play in these three games: Skullgirls, The Last Blade and Brawlhalla.

If many like the intro, I’ll continue with the first vlog to the series featuring the game Skullgirls (which will be uploaded to YouTube next Monday).  I hope you like it and I hope you enjoy this vlog series (and my journey) as I get back into playing fighting games.

For those that would like to read it in blog form I’ll post it below (along with the video right below it):

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Tekken 7 New Release Date & Rage and Sorrow Story Trailer Release/Heihachi Analysis

Hey Everyone –

After learning about Tekken 7’s new release date being pushed back to June 2 of this year, I was anxious to watch the newly released Rage & Sorrow trailer for the game.  Needless to say, after watching it I’m anxiously awaiting the games release.  Before proceeding, I will warn you there are spoilers of previous Tekken story lines (for those that haven’t played the previously released games).  

When you are ready, please watch the trailer below: Continue reading

Updates and Changes For 2017


Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a great New Year!  I had a pretty good one knowing that I’ve got some changes and updates coming to the blog that are both exciting and interesting! I feel 2017 will be the year I challenge myself in gaming and make my writing and gaming knowledge shine.  The top five major changes of the blog for this year are: Continue reading

#AskNeish Q&A #4


Hey Everyone –

Since I’ve been getting many more anonymous questions, I’m going to start doing #askneish posts more frequently.  Here are two anonymous questions that I received via TwitterContinue reading

Margaret Hamilton and Grace Hopper Awarded The Presidential Medal of Freedom

Hey, everyone!

Yesterday our 44th President, Barack Obama, honored 21 recipients the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the White House in his last Presidential Medal of Freedom Ceremony.  Among them were computer scientists/programmers Margaret H. Hamilton (whom led a team to create the on-board flight software for NASA’s Apollo command modules and lunar modules), and Grace Hopper (known as “the first lady of software”) are among the the 21 recipients.

Congratulations to them and all of the recipients! Read about (all) the recipients, click here.

Hair Crush: Taraji P. Henson’s Sleek Ponytail

Taraji P. Henson graced the red carpet at the AMA’s this monday in a Céline shirt dress and black lacy bra, while styling her hair in a sleek ponytail.  The simplicity and length of the ponytail (and the fact that I love ponytails), draws me to this look.